Specialist in maintenanceprojects and Turnarounds

PrimaTasc is a progressive software developer with more than 18 years of experience in development, consultancy and implementing software in the field of maintenance and turnaround management. Our software gives added value in project preparation, management and the execution of project based maintenance organizations.


The concept of this innovation started years ago with two specialists in turnaround and maintenance management. This would result in:

  • Projects finalised within budget

  • Efficient and effective processes

  • Controllable maintenance management

  • Effective use of Resources and Materials

Proof soon followed: digital support in maintenance processes strongly influenced the completion time of the turnaround. The result was a turnaround project with a time saving of up to 20%. This was also the start of the software package MainTasc, a digital information system optimised for a transparent process of projects.


                                  “Sharp margins, higher costs and risks, and increasing competition provide an increasing need for efficiency. Thus, companies with

                                                                   process bound installations need to operate plants more efficiently and effectively.”


Throughout the years our firm has continued professionalising, with our organisation we support corporate businesses in the optimisation of maintenance projects. On customer demand we develop applications, Add-ons and specific custom software solutions.


Besides competences in turnrarounds Primatasc has the knowledge and experience in complementary fields such as SAP integration, Primavera, MS Project, API interfaces, Dymensis and .NET. Our customers experience this mix of skills as unique and of great added value.



 Today PrimaTasc focuses on 4 important activities:


  • Developing and marketing Software with added value for the maintenance industry.


  • Successful implementing software and intensive support during this change process.


  • Training and coaching end users to achieve the best out of your organisation.


  • Offering First Class support via our specialised Support Centre



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