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With the Turn Around management system MainTasc Enterprise you'll get the best out of your project team. The system supports your project from Initiation to Evaluation.


From initiation up to and including aftercare

From initiation of your project team, scope of work, preparation and execution right down to aftercare: you can rely on MainTasc Enterprise during the entire duration of your projects. The system is very user-friendly and makes sure you maintain an overview at all times - to the very details of the entire project.



MainTasc gets the best out of your projectteam!

Making sure everyone can have access to the right data at the right time? MainTasc makes it happen! The synergy in your project team is at its maximum and your staff achieves higher efficiency. Result: you'll bring your project to a successful conclusion quicker- and with an absolute minimum of cost or delay.


Essential features

MainTasc Enterprise is equipped with essential features to make your workflow run smoothly at any point in the process:

  • Document Management - MainTasc manages all documents important to the maintenance of your Plants, Installations and Projects.

  • Workflow Management - MainTasc supports your processes to the maximum, regulates them fully and improves workflows.

  • Dashboard - A dashboard helps managers and users to analyse data.

  • Reports & Analysis - The advanced reporting possibilities and filters make all data very transparent.


1 system, 3 layers, hundreds of projects

With MainTasc Enterprise you can manage several projects at once, exchange information plus use and manage information much more efficiently. The reason? The system is compiled out of three layers: Site, Installation and Projects. With the help of standardized coding and information you can create libraries which are used in the layers of Installations and Projects.



Each library contains general repetitive information usable for every Installation and all of its Projects. This ranges from simple codes to all standard templates. In the library the following can be found (among other things):

  • Suppliers - An overview of all your suppliers, for materials as well as services.

  • Resources – The resource structure contains all necessary means to execute your project.

  • Activities – Standard activities form the basis for the templates and connected work preparation.

  • Templates – Thanks to the standard activities, resources and activity risk analysis, you can compile templates for all types of objects.

  • Task Risk Analysis – Risk matrixes help assessing the work risks.

  • Norm tables – To adequately assess the duration and cost of an activity norm tables are the helping tool for you.

  • Object profiles – One object is not the other. That's why you can select which templates and norm tables apply for the different types of objects.

  • Material catalogues – To order and receive deliveries as efficiently as possible you can use material catalogues. 



In this layer the structures of your installations are created, the construction of the entire object structure of your Installations and the blind locations for the efficient assembly of safety lists.



Has the project scope been set? Then you can start the preparation! Scope management, Work preparation, Material management, Cost management, Commissioning, Reports & Analysis ... MainTasc has a solution for every facet of your project.

  • Scope management – Enables you to efficiently manage your scope and scope changes

  • Progress overview – Gives a good overview of the status of all of your projects

  • Work preparation – Everything that requires a good preparation on 1 screen

  • Cost management – Makes managing the cost of your project, effective and transparent.

  • Material management – Follow up on the status of your needed materials from reservation to issuing

  • Scheduling – MainTasc has a seamless transition on board to scheduling software such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.

  • Commissioning – Checklists secure a correct transition and any shortages are followed up correctly.


Why MainTasc Enterprise?

  • All in one – Every discipline integrated in one software package.

  • User friendly – The uniform design of the screens ensures that the user can navigate through the screens easily.

  • Scalable – Thanks to the flexible structure the program is suited for various project sizes.

  • Control – Closely follow up on work processes via your dashboard.

  • Gain time – Use of standardisation and re-use of data from an archive, another project or within the current project.

  • Tailor made – Would you like to fit MainTasc to your current systems? We provide a tailor made integration.

  • Best Practice – With MainTasc you apply experiences from past projects faultlessly to your current project.

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